mitchell boone | pastor

i was first appointed to white rock umc july of 2012 as an associate pastor. i became the pastor july of 2014. my passion is to help our church reimagine its place within one of the coolest areas of dallas. i am excited about the incredible opportunity our church has to reconnect to our community by living out the gospel.

contact mitchell if you:
-want to grab coffee and talk
-are interested in transforming east dallas
-are curious about exploring your faith in a modern world
-are in need of prayer and conversation
-want to become a member of our congregation

day-to-day: you'll find mitchell working on his sermons, making pastoral care calls, learning to balance tradition with the future, and trying to figure out how to reboot the church's network so he can print.

mitchell spends his time with his wife, eli vanoort, as they get to know their brand new kiddo, cashel. he loves cooking, listening to his vinyls, walking his dog, and trying to convince everyone that he is not a hipster.

rebecca garrett pace | director of worship

i came to white rock umc because i’m excited about learning and teaching, about weaving music and arts into sunday worship, and about living beyond the walls of the church in the broader community.

contact rebecca if you:
-want to get involved in the music and worship life of the church
(like singing in choirs, playing an instrument, or assisting with visual arts ministries)
-have ideas for musical or artistic ways to engage with the neighborhood
-want to grab lunch or tea and talk

day-to-day: you'll find rebecca designing and enlivening weekly worship services; leading chancel choir, folk band, and children’s worship arts; sorting through closets of candles, fabric, and hymnals; and sending way too many emails.

when rebecca’s not at church, she spends time with her husband, jeff, and her two step-children; she also learns new instruments (currently: ukulele) and is only slightly obsessed with the tv show this is us. she loves the color orange, drumming, and yoga, and is constantly trying to become julie andrews.

neil moseley | director of community engagement

i came to white rock umc to experiment with new ways of doing church. i wanted to try and reconnect a church with its neighbors, to see if an old church building could discover new life by really being open to the needs of its neighborhood.

contact neil if you:
-want to take a tour of the wrumc spaces
-are looking for volunteer opportunities
-are interested in bringing your programs to the neighborhood @ white rock umc
-are a teacher @ alex sanger elementary & need supplies

day-to-day: you'll find neil meeting with folks in the neighborhood to figure out how the church can be of service. he moves lots of tables & chairs, and is always cleaning out closets & cupboards. he loves to teach, especially on the old testament. 

neil spends most of his time with his wife, rev. elizabeth moseley, & their three kiddos, nathaniel, evangeline, and josephine. neil likes to hike, bike, and collect old baseball cards & 1st edition books.

kam de leon | director of operations

i came to white rock umc after 14 years of classroom teaching to redirect my time and talents toward building community and strengthening neighborhood relationships. i am inspired by the work this quirky east dallas church is doing and am proud to be part of this staff and congregation.

contact kam if you:
-need to book a space at white rock umc (including wedding inquiries)
-would like to promote a community event to the area
-have questions about neighborhood schools, organizations, or ways to be involved here at white rock umc

day-to-day: you'll find kam juggling her work here at church and her teaching courses, scheduling the building, and utilizing her library degree to organize the office and tame the chaos that comes with a busy community.

when she's not at work, kam spends much of her time with her wife and two boys and volunteering in casa linda and alex sanger elementary. she loves sewing, baking, gardening, and tending to her chickens, bunnies, cats, and dogs.

victoria sun esparza bio pic.jpeg

victoria sun esparza | director of family ministries

i came to white rock umc because i am excited about exploring non-traditional ways families, children, and youth can be integrated into the life of the church, and i am passionate about creating meaningful experiences for children and youth during such an important time of their lives.

contact victoria if you:
- want to get involved in family ministries (parents, non-parents, young and old, all are welcome!)
- want to learn about reducing the amount of trash you produce

- have something cool made of recycled materials
- have questions about youth or children’s events

day-to-day: you’ll find victoria covering the walls with sticky notes filled with ideas and questions, talking with families and volunteers, hanging out with the youth, and probably pruning/watering the plants in her office.

victoria spends her time working on projects in her home (like building furniture and painting walls), talking with her husband josh esparza for hours, hanging out with her dog, drawing any phrase or quote that comes to mind, and thinking about the next thing to create. 


josh esparza | campus pastor of owenwood

i came to white rock umc because I was inspired by the creativity, innovation and the community between white rock and the neighborhoods. i believe churches are unique in their ability to serve as agents of change for their local community and am excited to be apart of that change within east dallas. i was appointed to serve as the campus pastor at owenwood farm and neighbor space, where we will gather mid week for dinner church which serves as a non traditional worship experience. at owenwood, we will also have local partners who help us connect and resource those in need within the surrounding areas. God is already present within east dallas, my hope is to help a congregation and communities become aware of how the God is working. 

contact josh if you:
- want to know how to engage your faith in new ways
- want to grab some craft coffee
- want to talk about food (he’s a foodie and pizza connoisseur)
- have questions about owenwood

day-to-day: you will find Josh talking with people from the neighborhood, planning worship, and meeting with people who are looking for a way to experience their faith differently. josh deeply values the divine image in each person and loves to talk about the next step for future of the church and people.

josh likes to spend his time working out or playing pickup basketball. he and wife, victoria are foodies / craft coffee people, which means they go all around dallas to try new restaurants and coffee shops. he loves talking with people and learning what they are most passionate about.


faron vassen | accompanist

i came to white rock umc because i want to enhance the meaningfulness of worship through the art of music, and i want to get to know the community of east dallas.

contact faron if you:
-also own a dachshund
-want to talk about opera
-are seeking music education outside of white rock umc
-have questions about something he played in worship

day-to-day: you'll find faron teaching piano both privately and at smu, accompanying various ensembles and operas, and responding to rebecca's many emails and texts.

faron plays piano and organ and is the owner of a fantastic dachshund named ethel. 
he spends his free time doing photography and cooking.