we believe...

...that God’s grace is available to everyone before, during, and after our lives here on earth.

...that God is seeking a relationship with us and all of creation. 

...that through the sacraments of baptism and holy communion we gain a closer understanding of God’s grace manifested through community.

… that baptism is available to all people regardless of their age.

...that the table of holy communion is open to all people who desire to encounter the risen christ, regardless of whether they are a member of white rock umc or a united methodist. 

...that, as a diverse community, our relationship with scripture is complicated. some in our community believe scripture to be infallible, while others believe it to be completely bound by human context. across the board, we believe scripture is to be wrestled with while being aware of our traditions, our experiences, and our ability to reason.

...that our faith requires more than a personal relationship with God. we are invited to participate in bringing real change and transformation to the world we encounter.

...that all people are called by the Holy Spirit to be in ministry, to serve in worship, and to take care of the community.