WRUMC strives to create a dynamic worship experience so that you don’t have to make the choice between rich, historical tradition and the exciting sounds of today’s contemporary music. Every effort is made to bridge the generation gap by introducing young and old alike to new ways of worship and connection with God. Whether you’re more comfortable with our beautiful pipe organ and choir or the contemporary band, there is something for everyone in this blended worship. You’ll also fit right in wearing a suit and tie or jeans and a T-shirt. White Rock UMC is a place for all of God’s to come together as a family.

In addition to the warm congregation and excellent music, Senior Pastor, Rev. George Fisk brings challenging and thought-provoking messages each week. Sermon topics range from “The Lord’s Prayer” to “Love that Lasts a Lifetime: Biblical Perspectives on Love, Sex, and Marriage”. Community isn’t all about people who look and think the same way, and we rejoice in creation’s diversity!


White Rock UMC invites children of all ages to spend the worship time with their family in the service. However, the professionally staffed nursery is available for children 2 years old and younger throughout the entire service. Children 3-10 years old may enjoy the use of Children’s Worship Folders located near the Sanctuary entrances.

But What Are The Sermons Like?

You can experience many of our more recent sermons online at 
and many of our past Sermon Series are also available on CD.

One of  our most popular was: Questions Thoughtful Atheists Raise
(See full description below for details) 
That series may be over, but it's not to late to hear it.
Call the church office at 214.324.3661 and we can give you a copy on CD.

If you find it hard to believe in a loving God because many Christians today insist that science is wrong and claim the bible should replace science taught in the classroom, or you've heard that God encourages war and fundamentalist faiths of all types seem to foster hate, or you simply cannot fathom that a God who would bring suffering into human lives is good, then this is the sermon series for you!

Pastor George believes in God. But he also believes that atheists raise some legitimate questions which deserve to be thoughtfully considered. For the next several weeks he'll be addressing these questions in our 10:50 am Sunday Services. We hope you will join us on this intllectual (and spiritual) journey.

Series Includes:
The God Particle 
Critiquing Crazy Christians 
Everyone Expects The Spanish Inquisition. 
Does The Bible Really Say That? 
The Question Of Suffering: Does God Not Exist, Or Not Care? 
Why I'm A Theist