Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School classes are scheduled from 9:35 am – 10:30 am

  • Come As You Are (Room 202)
    A new group of members ranging in age from the young (20s-30s) to the young at heart (past their 20s-30s) lead by our Pastor George Fisk. Lessons are based on books such as Max Lucado's exciting new book, 3:16: the Numbers of Hope.
  • 2x2 (Room 203)
    A fun and active group of middle agers. They follow the Adult Bible Series.
  • Busy Mrs. (Minga Chapel)
    Active married and single women in their 70’s. They follow the Adult Bible Series and share teaching responsibilities in lecture format.
  • Christian Fellowship (Room 117)
    Couples and singles in their 70’s. A guest teacher leads the class in studying the Adult Bible Series.
  • Harmony (Activity Room)
    A large class consisting of mature couples and singles. Their teacher led discussions center on Christ’s teachings and Christian beliefs.
  • Mr. and Mrs. (Fellowship Hall)
    A large class made up of couples and singles in their 70’s. This class studies the Adult Bible Series in lecture format.
  • Open Door (Basement Room 4)
    Made up of couples and singles of all ages. This class studies a variety of topics which focus on the Christian’s responsibility in daily living and in our society.
  • Pairs and Spares (Basement Room 3)
    This class consists of couples and singles and has teacher led discussions with a focus on the Adult Bible Series.
  • Seminar (Room 116)
    A group of mature singles and couples that use the Adult Bible Series with an emphasis on discussion.