in between casa linda estates and little forest hills, our church is in one of dallas’ most creative, innovative, and socially conscious neighborhoods, and we are learning how to become a church that is deeply connected to those who call this part of east dallas home.

while we have existed as a church for over 75 years, we believe God is doing a new thing with our congregation. we are committed to making our neighborhood a better place through service-minded discipleship, creative community partnerships, and living out a gospel that is inclusive, loving, and grace-filled.

we are a multi-generational church that finds God in diversity. we are a socially aware congregation that doesn’t shy away from difficult questions. we celebrate our differences. we urge each other to make room for the mysteries of our faith. and we believe that following Jesus lends itself to both personal transformation and better communities. whether a spiritual refugee or a cradle methodist, we want you to find a faith home that is committed to radical hospitality and providing a space to all who are in need of grace and love.



we experience incredible organizations all over dallas making the world a better place. all of the organizations listed below partner with us by utilizing our space and participating in the larger white rock community to make an impact in east dallas. click or tap on any of the names for more information about an organization. if your organization is interested in partnering with us, contact neil moseley, director of community engagement, at

the children's center | studio bellacitizen d | tai chi | the mix coworking | mwf | music together | mkzc | ymca | boy scout troop 636 | ahadi sewing collective | meals on wheels | lion's club | the linden grove theatre co.